10 Most underrated beaches in the world you should know about

January 29, 2020
Underrated Beaches

Picturesque backdrops, turquoise water, pristine sands, and jaw-dropping experience, Is there any place on the planet which rejuvenate your mind and harmonize your soul than the exotic beaches? The majority of people would answer no to that. Such is the grandeur and panache of the beaches, which captivates everyone with its heavenly ambiance. But, Earth is certainly unfathomable, and you can’t witness all the glorious places on the earth in a lifetime. Thus it becomes crucial to make the most of the beautiful life by exploring the most underrated beaches on the face of the earth, which has remained deprived of mass accumulation. The exotic location of these mesmerizing beaches would intrigue you for a vacation of your life. Thus, below are the ten most underrated beaches on earth which are ideal for visit:

Italy Capo Sant Andrea, Elba

This majestic beach is one of the most scintillating places in Italy Stunning backdrop of humongous mountains just elevates it’s magnificence to another level. The scenic beauty of backdrops blended with the alluring shoreline makes this beach a must-visit for anyone who seeks for an adventurous trip to the most astonishing beaches in the world. You would witness granite magma quite adequately through the transparent waters. Seaside rocks and dunes add to the oozing charm of this splendid beach. You may also explore the massive “ Monte Giove, which offers galore of exotic flora and fauna species. The mesmerizing essence of lavender, rosemary, and helichrysum, would certainly leave in you in a spellbound. 

Capo Santa Andrea in Tuscany, Italy, boasts of massive shoreline, which is ideal for sunbathing, strolling, and spending some cozy time with your loved ones as well. The majestic beach has surprisingly remained deprived of mass attraction, which would pave the way for your dream vacation with close friends or family members. Activities like hill-climbing on Monte Giove and Snorkelling be ideal to cherish the most electrifying experience of this exotic beach.

  • Best activities to do– Snorkelling, hill climbing, dining at some lavish restaurants, Sightseeing at Mount Giove
  • Best time to visit– October( As the temperature of 21-22 degree Celcius would be ideal for beach activities)
  • Weather conditions– Sunny and pleasant (gentle breeze throughout the day)
  • Location: 57030 Marciana, Province of Livorno Italy

Vestrahorn Beach

If there is one place in the world that comes closest to paradise, then it would certainly be the black sand beach in Iceland, Vestrahorn Beach. The majestic backdrop of Vestrahorn mountains feels like the scenery in motions. The breathtaking ambiance of this exotic location would ensure that you are cherishing the most unforgettable days of your life. You can easily reach this place as the Keflavik international airport is just 500kms away. And it would hardly take any time for you to reach this location. Make sure that you explore the magnificence of the Vatnajokull glacier and the chilling experience of Vatnajokull Ice cave. Wandering in the charming location of Viking village, stokksnes would fill your soul with exuberance and enthusiasm, which would be embedded in your hearts forever. 

This mysterious black sand beach is amongst the most unconventional beaches in the world as it does not promote any enthralling activities like snorkeling, surfing, or sunbathing, but its heartwarming sightseeing would make for all the activities that you are deprived of as numerous Hollywood blockbusters have featured this stunning beach for a reason right!

  • Best activities to do- Sightseeing, strolling, dining at exclusive restaurants nearby, wandering, and exploring.
  • Best time to visit-  June-August ( Ideal time for a visit, Tem- 17-degree Celcius)
  • Weather conditions- Moderate temperature in the day time, the chilling temperature in the evening)
  • Location: near to Höfn on the Southeast Coast of Iceland

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Carribean islands are known for their flamboyance and enthralling lifestyle. And this splendid beach is no different by any means. Better regarded as the “paradise of the surfers,” the stunning shallows near the coastline would make for a sublime experience of leisure activities. With luminous sun rays caressing your skin, sunbathing at the pristine white sand beach would rejuvenate your mind and soul for a dream vacation with your intimate companions. The jaw-dropping waves at the famous “Soup bowl” would leave you mesmerized and fascinate you to go for an enthralling surfing experience. With humid and sunny weather conditions, this scenic beauty is ideal for a stunning vocational trip. 

But it is also crucial to concern the high tides which may occur, thus keep an eye on the announcements as well. Various restaurants and accommodation places accompany this stunning beach, so you won’t have to worry about places for other leisure activities. Make way for some prominent places like Sea Side Bar, Soup bowl café, and Roundhouse Restaurant to relish the most exotic drinks and delicacies for a charming experience. Groove to the crazy music beats of the Caribbean culture, which would also give you an idea about its unparalleled flamboyance. Thus, Bathsheba beach should be on the top of your bucket list for an incredible beach experience.

  • Best activities to do- Surfing, Snorkelling, strolling, sunbathing and dining at exclusive restaurants
  • Best time to visit- April-June
  • Ideal weather conditions- Humid and sunny ( gentle breeze in the evening
  • Location: Bathsheba Barbados

Tikehau French islands, French Polynesia

This certainly is amongst the most underrated beaches in the world. Located in the overseas county of the French republic, this picturesque beach is renowned for it’s flawless pink and white sand. And it’s stunning clear water would make you feel like witnessing a galore of various fishes through a large aquarium. This splendid beach oozes charm and exclusive essence, which you would not experience anywhere in the world. You may take a hassle-free flight from Faa’a international airport to the Tikehau islands and relish the opportunity of exploring this jaw-dropping beach. 

The place is a paradise for all diving enthusiasts all over the world, and if you are fond of marine life, then you would witness the most exotic species of fishes like barracuda, lionfish, tuna, and clownfish as well. The stunning blue lagoon of the Tikehau is one way to escape from the boring and hectic work schedule and enjoy the most alluring trip of your life. Pearl beach resort and the Fafarua Lodge are the most lavish places to reside in this part of the country.

  • Best activities to do- Diving, Snorkelling, sunbathing, fishing
  • Best time to visit-  Feb-April
  • Ideal weather conditions- warm and sunny in the day, moderate and breezy in the evening
  • Location: Rangiroa Rangiroa French Polynesia

Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Newzealand is a small nation but is highly acclaimed throughout the world for its stunning locations and well a formidable legacy in rugby! But very few people would know that New Zealand also possesses one of the most exhilarating beach experience in the world. The Piha beach in Auckland is one majestic beach, which seems like poetry in motions. Stunning blue waters are ideal for activities like surfing and snorkeling, which would certainly fascinate all the adventurous enthusiasts all over the world. 

The exotic blend of pristine white sand, along with the black iron, gives this beach a distinct identity from the rest of the beaches throughout the world. But, the most significant part is that despite incredible privileges offered on this scenic beach, it has remained secluded from enthusiasts all over the world. But if you are a “water baby,” then this untamed beach would certainly be a paradise for you. If you are looking for some other activities, hiking at the Kitekite falls will bring out the adventure seeker in you. Camping and surfing are the most practiced activities on this beautiful beach.

  • Best activities to do – Surfing, snorkeling, camping, hiking
  • Best time to visit – December-February
  • Ideal weather conditions – Gentle and gloomy
  • Location: Auckland 0772, New Zealand Piha

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Thailand is amongst the most cherished place for romantic vacations, and if there is one beach which oozes charm of the Thai culture, then it would be Koh Lanta beach. This stunning coastline enriched with golden sand gives you a mesmerizing sightseeing place and is ideal for a day out with your loved one. Strolling, sunbathing, and dining is the preferred activities, and the hospitality and modesty of the Thai people adds to the grandeur of this mesmerizing place. The galore of coral and mangrove trees makes this place a soothing place to rejoice the nature at it’s imperious best. You may use ferries or taxis after getting dropped from the Krabi airport. Make sure that you dive in the crystal clear after and relish the Thai food as well as iconic massage for an exuberating experience.

  • Best activities to do – Strolling, romantic dinners, Sunbathing
  • Best time to visit – January to April
  • Ideal weather conditions- Dry and humid
  • Location: Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

Coffee Bay, South Africa

South Africa is quite popular throughout the world for its adventurous wild safaris. But it also possesses a plethora of stunning and mesmerizing beaches which have remained quite underrated all these years. Located at the wild coast, Coffee basis offers numerous pristine sand beaches, which would fascinate you explore them. The enthusiasts will appreciate the breathtaking scenic beauty of south African beaches all over the world, and Coffee bay is not any different. Snorkeling, diving, surfing, and sightseeing the jaw-dropping backdrops would steal your heart away! With stunning hiking rails, adventure seekers would surely find this place stunning, as well.

  • Best activities to do – Snorkelling, surfing, sightseeing, hiking
  • Best time to visit –  December
  • Ideal weather conditions – warm and gentle (28 degrees Celsius during the day)
  • Location – 250 kilometers south of the city of Durban 

 Kaihalulu Red sand beach, Hawaii

Though there are many stunning beaches in the USA, this mysterious beach in Hawaii steals the show with the astonishing red sand shoreline. This place has remained secluded from the people who prefer only conventional beaches, but if you are seeking for an invincible beach day for enthralling activities, then Red Sand beach would be a perfect choice. The exuberance of diving into the stunning shallows from the adjacent rocks would leave your heart mesmerized. Stunning greenery and luminous sun rays add to the panache of this jaw-dropping experience. This is a must for all the people who prefer out of the league activities!

  • Best activities to do –  Diving, camping, party, strolling.
  • Best time to visit – April-June
  • Ideal weather conditions – Pleasant, humid
  • Location – Hana, HI 96713 USA

St Ninian Isle, Europe

This massive tombolo in the U.K is amongst the biggest tombolos in the world. Tombolos are generally joining the mainland to the island, and this stunning place is the ideal example of the paradise of the earth. The splendid backdrop of this majestic beach would steal your heart away. It is a “mecca” for all the water sports enthusiasts, surfers, and divers as well. Located near the Bigton, you can easily reach this place and relish it’s larger than life privileges. This drool-worthy experience is a must for all those enthusiasts who prefer something out of the league, and the majestic beach won’t disappoint you either. The stunning blue lagoon accompanied by lush greens in the backdrop makes for an ideal vacation trip.

  • Best activities to do – Watersports, surfing, and diving
  • Best time to visit – June- August
  • Ideal weather conditions – Mild and gentle ( throughout the day)
  • Location – South-western coast of the Mainland, Shetland

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

This heavenly place in the Philippines possesses a galore of more than 50 adjacent beaches, which certainly is an astonishing fact! The mesmerizing experience of exploring these pristine white-sand bitches should have to be on your bucket list. El Nido beach boasts a massive backdrop experience with green-top coral reefs elevating the experience to a whole new level. 

The stunning quality of turquoise water would fascinate you for various activities like diving, snorkeling, and surfing as well. You may also enjoy hiking, scuba diving experience in the nearby places. Don’t forget to relish the stunning food of the Philippines, which is the trademark of this majestic country. The visual bliss of limestone cliffs and crystal clear turquoise water would leave a mark on your heart forever.

  • Best activities to do – Kayaking, Ziplining, Scuba diving
  • Best time to visit – November-April
  • Ideal weather conditions – Warm, pleasant and gentle
  • Location – Northernmost tip of the mainland, Palawan Philippines


Which is the cleanest beach

Ans- Though all of the listed beaches flaunt clean and soothing surroundings but Capo Sant Andrea, Elba, Italy would certainly be the cleanest one. You would certainly not find any flaws on this stunning beach. Impeccable hygienic surroundings also encourage more and more people to explore this beautiful place.

Which is the most beautiful beach?

Ans- Tikehau French islands, French Polynesia would certainly be ranked the most beautiful and stunning beach. With stunning pink sand and crystal clear mirror-like waters, you would not find a beach more aesthetically pleasing than this scenic beauty. Located in the French overseas county, not many people have wandered on this pristine beach. Thus, you may prefer this beach, if you are seeking for the most beautiful one.

Which is the most exotic beach?

Ans-  Though all the beaches in the list are exotic in one way or another, the most exotic beach certainly has to be the Vestrahorn beach, Iceland. The black sand beach, with breathtaking backdrops and majestic surroundings, gives an ideal blend of the most exotic place for a visit. Second on the list would be St Ninian isle, which is amongst the biggest tombolos in the world and oozes powerful vibes in all sense.

Which beach is ideal for party experience?

Ans- Bathsheba beach in Barbados is renowned for its flamboyant party scenes. The stunning weather conditions accompanied by groovy Carribean music makes for an ideal party experience. Also renowned for “ Soup Bowl,” enthusiasts would find this place ideal for leisure and fun-filled vacation. 

Which beach is ideal for a trip with the family?

Ans- South Africa is well renowned for its great tourist attractions, and the hospitality of the people is also top-notch. Thus the coffee bay in South Africa would be ideal a place for a family trip to the most stunning beach experiences. You may also relish the opportunity of witnessing the African safari and also other adventure trips like Hiking.

Which is the most adventurous beach?

Ans- Kahalulu red sand beach would be an ideal choice if you are looking for an unconventional but adventurous trip, diving into the shallows from the 15 ft off the rocks would be a great experience for you. You may also opt for El Nido beach in the Philippines as it flaunts some amazing activities like Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking and sunbathing, this would also be a great option for you.

Which of these experiences would be the least expensive?

Ans – Koh Lanta beach in Thailand would be the most efficient and affordable experience among the listed ones, as the cost of accommodation, food, and transportation is quite easy to maintain in Thailand. Thus, it would be a great value for money trip to Thailand.