“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman

Time may fly by, but the memories won’t. Jaw-dropping adventures, picturesque views, stunning experiences, and exuberant cuisines. These are the memories that are embedded in your heart forever when you enjoy the enthralling trip to the most exotic locations in the world. But do the hassles, and arduous nature of planning such heavenly trips annoys you, don’t worry as the Wanderlust is there for your rescue. We at wanderlust prepare the most extravagant trips in affordable packages to ensure you a vacation for ages. We precisely accommodate the best possible privileges with the blend of additional assets, as well. So that you do not worry about the financial setbacks which the trip would cost you.

The traveling team at Wanderlust are veteran professionals, and they have mastered the tour packaging techniques with impeccable services in Transportation, Hotel booking, and food services. All these privileges blend in to give you the most heavenly trip you have always desired for. Thus, shoulder off all the burden and stress of daily nuances and pack your bags for a jam-packed holiday trip with your loved ones. Wanderlust would be your ideal companion in making the trip an unforgettable experience!

Wanderlust believes that customer satisfaction is the ideal achievement of our services. Thus, we ensure that the customers are not just visiting the location but also enjoying it to the fullest without thinking about the financial aspects of the trip. We make sure that customer has a plethora of privileges in the least possible expense for a larger than life experience of exploring the immaculate locations.

What we offer

Tour planning strategies

It is crucial to make a strategic schedule to extract the best out of the given days on the trip. Thus, a time-saving prospect is prepared for a convincing and hassle-free trip. All the essential measures are inculcated in the tour plan, which makes it easy for the customers to avail of the best possible privileges in a short period. A blueprint is prepared to elaborate on the scheduling of the trip, which makes it easy for the customers to execute them accordingly.

Transportation and Accommodation facilities

We at Wanderlust make sure that the customer does n’t experience any obstacles while traveling. Thus, provide the most trustworthy and reliable set of wheels for an enthralling journey at the location. Flight Facilities are also quite sophisticated and refined for panache and lavish experience while traveling. Best hotels are booked for the comfort and credibility of the customers, as well.

Help Desk

Though we ensure that our customers experience no inconvenience. But in the worst case scenarios, we make sure that our customers are safe and don’t experience any discomfort. Any issues contact our helping team, and they would solve the most complex queries quite efficiently. Wanderlust would be your savior in any casualties.

Hotel Booking

We, at Wanderlust, collaborate with the most trustworthy hotels in your desired locations. All the privileges such as quality cuisines, luxurious rooms, and comfortable transportation means are provided to the economic as well as luxurious packages. Some additional privileges are made available for Luxurious packages due to their whopping prices.

Foreign Exchange 

You can also avail the foreign exchange in other parts of the world. We ensure that the authorized dealer is trustworthy and would not cause any issues whatsoever. In some countries like Bhutan and Nepal, forex is not available. And in many nearby countries, one can exchange as much as 50,000 rs.


We also provide tourist visas, and it is a must for the customers to provide the correct information in documents as well. A verified and legal Visa is prepared which is extremely safe through our data management policy; we keep your confidential data safe in our vaults. Also, Real time tracking services ensure that any queries of customers are solved efficiently. 

Being the fastest growing online travel portal in India what we always believed in in fulfilling the travel experiences with time-tested plannings.

Life is one big journet and we here at Wanderlusts hope that people take enlightening stops with us. From honeymoon to solo travelling, from group trips to trekking through the unknown roads, from trying out the extreme sports to serene journey to the art of living destinations – we are offering trips that you have not taken before.

“Wanderlust- Gateway to your heavenly trips.”