How can I Approach the Subject of Exclusivity With Him?

July 6, 2022

Reader concern:

I found this guy on fit 30 days before. I’m crazy about him. We’d the talk and I informed him i can not date several people as well, and then he said he is the same exact way. Today a pal saw him on another dating site, POF, and saw he spruced up his profile following weekend he met me. Certainly, he is still looking around. I already feel lied to but exactly how do I approach this topic with him?”

-Britt M. (California)

Specialist’s Response:


Before you increase to conclusions, let’s give the man the main benefit of the doubt. He might have spruced right up his profile before he actually have got to understand you, but now he’s got deep feelings available and then he has not actually already been on POF in months. Performed the guy upgrade their profile after you had “the chat”? If yes, I would be concerned. Perhaps you are in love with the guy but if you currently feel lied to after only one month, i suggest you reduce your losses today, and discover a person that is truthful and certainly holds the same principles, not merely a person who says he life by the same ethical rule.

Believe is a vital facet of any romantic relationship. Steps constantly speak louder than terms, and also this man’s measures might be letting you know he isn’t “usually the one.” When this answer simply doesn’t jive along with you therefore desire to give him an opportunity, I would personally say go at the one head-on. Ask him if he could be on other online dating sites to discover just what he states. If the guy lies, get going, girlfriend! If he says certainly, ask if he is updating his profile to meet up additional ladies. Ask him to spell out their knowledge of the chat and discover if he’s actually committed. Make sure he understands you’re not enthusiastic about dating him if he’s witnessing some other person, and stick by your term. Above all, never ever be satisfied with under the very best — you are entitled to it.

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